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July 14, 2024 3:32 am

Game On: Huawei’s Cloud Services Revolutionise The Irish Gaming Industry

Cloud services have become a game-changer for gamers and game developers alike. With the increasing demand for high-performance gaming experiences, low latency, and reliable infrastructure, cloud services have become the go-to solution for many businesses in the gaming industry.

With its powerful cloud infrastructure capabilities and innovative technical advantages, Huawei Cloud provides professional, fast, stable, and secure one-stop cloud service solutions for Irish gaming enterprises to build high-quality, comprehensive cloud gaming platforms that is 25% cheaper than current providers, without sacrificing quality or performance.

The Huawei Cloud solution is built on a leading architecture that is designed to deliver high performance, low latency, and maximum availability and will offer plenty of benefits to Irish gaming companies:

Game Deployment

Huawei Cloud’s game deployment solution delivers an unparalleled global network infrastructure that provides optimal latency experience for games with a 50ms latency circle based on traffic highlands. This ensures gamers enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with a reliable and high-performance infrastructure.

By leveraging Huawei’s global network infrastructure and advanced technologies, game developers can ensure their games are highly responsive, with minimal latency and reliable network connections.


Huawei’s computing-enhanced cloud servers offer industry-leading CPU processing speed and tens of millions of network forwarding capabilities. This makes them perfect for scenarios with high concurrency, low latency, and strong computing requirements, capable of supporting tens of millions of online players.

With these cloud servers, game developers can meet the growing computing demands of larger maps and more characters in open-world games, allowing for exponential growth in player status computing requirements. Huawei’s computing-enhanced cloud servers are a powerful tool for delivering a seamless, high-performance gaming experience to a vast number of online players.


Huawei’s game database sets a new industry standard with its revolutionary Redis storage and compute separation architecture. This innovative solution ensures that even during periods of high concurrency, compute nodes can be quickly and easily expanded in minutes without impacting game services. Storage capacity can be expanded by a staggering eight times per second, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay even with massive player chat without frame freezing.

Additionally, the database is designed to accept a maximum of N-1 node faults, ensuring the game bonus point data is highly available and game rankings can be updated in real-time without interruption. With Huawei’s game database, game developers can be confident in their ability to deliver high-performance, reliable, and uninterrupted gaming experiences to players.

Game Operations

With compatibility for open-source enterprise-level big data platforms, Huawei’s storage and computing separation architecture lowers TCO by 30%. The O&M-free serverless big data service, developed using pure SQL, allows game operation teams to focus on core service scenarios and refined operations.

Additionally, Huawei’s high-availability cloud data warehouse offers fault recovery time of less than 30 seconds and online capacity expansion without service interruption. This ensures stable game log query at millions of QPS in milliseconds, real-time identification of game gray production, and a reduction in economic losses for game companies.

By leveraging Huawei’s innovative big data solutions, Irish game developers can streamline their operations, improve performance, and reduce costs, while focusing on delivering the best gaming experiences to their users.

Model Arts

Leveraging the power of Huawei’s ModelArts 10-core distributed heterogeneous training cluster and Optimus self-developed learning framework, AI competitive robot training is accelerated, with a 300x increase in the number of sessions per day, and inference latency on the cloud reduced to just 20ms.

AI competitive robots built using ModelArts are highly versatile, offering various styles and strategies that cover mainstream games such as MOBA, ACT, FPS, and chess, and can transform the overall game experience. By incorporating these powerful AI tools, game developers can create immersive and exciting game experiences that keep users engaged and coming back for more.

Game Acceleration

Huawei Cloud’s game acceleration solution offers a triple acceleration network at the cloud and network edge for games, providing faster and more reliable gameplay for gamers. Utilising WSA’s multi-protocol acceleration capability at the public network edge and GA’s global cloud backbone network, it enables cross-country and cross-continental game acceleration. This results in a significant improvement in the overall game experience, making gaming sessions more enjoyable for players.

Gaming Security 

With its data centres located in Dublin and years of enterprise-level security experience and a deep understanding of the security risks and service architectures in the gaming industry, the Huawei Cloud offers a robust and dependable game security solution that can effectively mitigate DDoS and CC attacks and ensure data security for gaming companies. 

So Why Should You Switch?

Huawei Cloud’s high-performance, low-latency cloud services are changing the game for the Irish gaming industry. Moreover, the powerful cloud infrastructure capabilities and innovative technical advantages of Huawei Cloud offer gaming enterprises professional, fast, stable, and secure one-stop cloud service solutions. Notably, these solutions are 25% cheaper than current providers without sacrificing quality or performance.

With Huawei’s advanced technologies, game developers can ensure their games are highly responsive, with minimal latency and reliable network connections. Additionally, Huawei’s big data solutions help streamline operations and improve performance. They also reduce costs and incorporate powerful AI tools for immersive gaming experiences. Huawei Cloud’s game acceleration solution provides a triple acceleration network at the cloud and network edge for faster and more reliable gameplay, overall.

Huawei Cloud’s gaming solutions offer Irish gaming companies plenty of benefits to build high-quality, comprehensive cloud gaming platforms that offer an unparalleled gaming experience at an affordable price point.


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